Smartphone Recycling - Recycle Your Old Mobile Phone Properly

The more negative cellphone user purchases the current innovation in smartphones readily available on the marketplace and makes a brand-new purchase every 6 months, whenever a brand-new toy appears on the marketplace that may represent a much better efficiency or a much better image. The worst perpetrators are the serial phone purchasers with lots of money and a sharp sense of design: the individual who wishes to be seen with the extremely newest and most appealing smartphone including the very best and most approximately date innovation. Exactly what occurs to their old phone? It gets consigned to a drawer in a desk or a box in the closet with all the other cellphones that outlasted their effectiveness throughout the years: a genuine cellphone cemetery representing a big electronic waste.


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Smartphone Recycling - The Facts

It is approximated that there are presently fifty million cellphone customers in the UK, the typical cellphone user will update when every eighteen months, twenty million phones are updated every eighteen months in the UK alone. Just 20% of mobiles in the UK are ever re-used or recycled which implies that near one hundred million phones are kept in individual’s cabinets, drawers and attics gathering dust. If these phones were all accumulated on top of each other they would weigh 6 times much heavier than the London Eye! For more info abot Cell Phone visit

Cellphone include great deals of harmful compounds which must be dealt with in a safe way consisting of cadmium, lead, flame retardants and beryllium. Cadmium is now being phased out of more recent batteries in mobile phones if blended with water the cadmium used in one mobile battery would be enough to infect over 6 hundred thousand liters of water. Flame retardants are used in circuit boards and mobile plastic cases; these have related to liver damage and cancer.

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